Independent Emergency Communication

Independent Networks

In emergency situations, the communications plan should govern all things. The need for fast and independent networks is critical as it may be called on to handle anything from local emergencies to major natural disasters.

On the Move Connectivity

Equipped with satellite terminal to the cater to required connectivity operations.

Standalone Operations

The network can operate on its own as it has an independent messaging and VoIP system.

Emergency Applications

Multiple Emergency Applications are made available using a virtualized network server.

Multi-technology Communications

Use mobile, video feed, IP telephony and messaging between different responding agencies.

Network in a Rack

The network-in-a-rack is essential during emergencies as it can be easily deployed to the remote areas in need and mounted on to vehicles.

The following equipment are included in the rack in order for units to have a fast and smooth operation:

  • Emergency Command Center
  • Unit Dispatch
  • UHF/VHF Radio System
  • Emergency Cellular Network
  • Private LTE Network
  • VSAT Backhaul

Network Applications

Emergency Command Center

Establish immediate response protocols to restore order

UHF/VHF Radio Communication

Communicate with other teams via two-way radios

VSAT Backhaul

Connect to other areas and command center via VSAT

Emergency Cellular Network

Provide communication and service to everyone in the area

Private LTE Network

Ensure data connection and security for responders

CCTV Surveillance

Always have a situational view of the disaster area

Public WiFi

Provide WiFi connectivity services to the public

Body Cameras

Have an extended view of the area via body cameras

Telescopic Antenna

Extend radio range by extending the height of the antenna

In order to establish an independent emergency communication system, the following components are needed:

Swift System Components

  • Emergency Command Center
  • Network Management System
  • Dispatch Centre
  • UHF/VHF Radio System
  • Emergency Cellular Network
  • Private LTE Network
  • VSAT Backhaul
  • Telescopic Mast
  • Generator Set

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Deployment Options

Swift Independent Emergency Communication can be deployed in a variety of options depending on the customer requirements.

Network in a Rack

  • Can be mounted on to any vehicle
  • Flexible power sources
  • Shockproof Rack Casing

Communication Van

  • Send vehicle to other areas
  • Easy deployment to disaster areas
  • Fast and easy response


Fast and Easy Networks for Emergencies