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What is a Smart City?

A smart city is an urban development using Internet of Things (IoT) to provide useful information to effectively manage people, resources and assets. This includes data collected from citizens and devices that are processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transport systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste disposal, etc.

Rapid urbanization has required the need for smart city solutions. Experts' worldwide point out that smart cities will be the future enablers in accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of citizens' lifestyle.

Benefits of Smart Cities

Smart cities and technologies have many practical and economic applications that can bring benefit to the city.

Environmental Impact

Improving energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 footprint is the main driver behind the development of smart and sustainable cities.

Energy Management

Energy management, consumption and potable water monitoring ensure the availability of energy and the quality of tap water across the city.


Optimized mobility and efficient transportation of goods to ease traffic congestion and provide users with real-time updates are important.


The fast development of smart cities should allow municipalities to monitor their citizens from CCTV cameras and facial recognition.



Smart City Applications

Smart Transport

Provide efficient modes and completely new ways to discover and consume transport services

Smart Governance

Data analytics for organized information management and enhanced citizen participation

Smart Factory

Improve productivity and safety with solutions that can be customised to your operations

Smart Parking

Efficient and complete management of on-street and in-building parking slots

Smart Healthcare

Use technology from wearable devices to access information, people, materials and institutions

Smart Buildings

The optimisation of services like air conditioning (HVAC) as well as energy usage and efficiency

Smart Roads

Control sensors can be used to monitor certain traffic patterns and common traffic jams.

Smart Environment

Gather data from the environment and use it to change behaviors and conserve energy

Smart Utilities

Utility optimization aimed at reducing energy usage of water and lighting systems

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