Gridloc Service Delivery Platform
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Launch next-gen flexible and on-demand services quickly with Gridloc Service Delivery Platform.

Gridloc is a carrier-grade platform that can help network providers and telco service operators to launch services to cater to the demand of the market and support each unique business case.

With the pandemic creating a whole new host of connectivity requirements for businesses, broadband firm Converge ICT has deemed it fit to roll out four new offerings to address the needs of local firms.

Offered under its Enterprise line-up, the new solutions are:

With Converge Faster, enterprises will have the option to send and receive files securely through their own network. Using a Layer 3 networking service that can convert a business’s main office into a fully digital branch, Converge Faster offers private WAN connectivity between a company’s headquarters, branches, satellite offices, or remote sites through a pure fiber GPON Network.

For Converge customers that are already subscribed to the Direct Internet Access service, Converge Time of Day is suited for businesses and enterprises that operate mainly during a certain period of the day. By setting their preferred schedule to either Day or Night, Time of Day subscribers can expect double their subscribed bandwidth based on their chosen preset period, allowing them to maximize their budget

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