eReach for SafeSteps
Disaster Tech Awards 2020

The SAFE STEPS D-Tech (Disaster Tech) Awards finds, funds and supports innovative technology solutions which save lives before, during and after natural disaster events.

eReach is created to address the problem that exists during disaster aftermaths that is the need for communication. During emergency situations, communication lines are crucial. When disasters like typhoons or earthquakes compromise important infrastructures such as electrical grids or cellular sites, it will take a miracle in order to coordinate.

eReach is a portable, plug-and-play emergency base station that can be activated in less than 30 minutes and can run on battery power. Once online, the system will detect all active SIMs within its coverage and activates the service in order to get communication and coordination up and running to provide immediate rescue and response lines to those affected by the disaster.

Entropy Solution joined this competition in order to help broaden the market and help introduce the solution to other countries as well.

Watch how our technology can help save lives!

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