Internet of Things

The Hive Network is a platform that can house different Internet of Things applications for a smart city environment

Solutions for Smart Cities

Hive is an end-to-end IoT platform within the fields of smart city, smart home, energy management and security. The platform aims to deliver all the tools needed by solution providers and government agencies.


Sensors play a vital role in the IoT sphere as it is the source of all data.


Established and reliable connectivity is needed for the IoT ecosystem.


The result of sensor data translated into important digits for operations.

Internet of Things Platform

The Hive Network is inspired by the natural structure of hives which implements a modular, well-built product and application base.

  • - Supports most existing IoT sensors
  • - Multi-technology access types
  • - Scalable to support future technologies

Hive Applications


The collection of measurements from the environment can determine the status and trends of environmental conditions. It is critical to the protection of human health, environmental sustainability, and policy development.


Provide businesses ways to save money and contribute to a greener planet


Influence where new policies and improvements can be made for policy makers


IoT provides improved communication, control, and data distribution for commercial vehicles, trains, UAVs, and other transportation.

It extends throughout the entire system of all transportation elements such as traffic control, parking, fuel consumption, and more.


IoT in utilities can improve efficiency, generate revenue, and conserve resources.

Also, IoT sensors can optimize energy and water generation and distribution to help utility providers keep up with the increasing demand.


An IoT-enabled system, with its three essential components: sensors, real-time monitoring, and an automated payment system – results in significant time and cost savings.

It allows one to find an empty parking spot without having to physically enter the lot.

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Make smarter business decisions with data analytics


repository that stores datasets and other information

Data Analytics

algorithms for advanced calculations and data visualization

Device Registry

performs device auto-discovery, provisioning and management

Rule Engine

allows processing of actions based on sensor data analytics

Smart City Applications

Smart Parking

  • View available parking slots
  • Route to the nearest available parking slot
  • Parking reservation facility
  • eCommerce Store

Flood Monitoring

  • View live updates in waterways
  • Show water situation at street level
  • Mobilize residents before crisis
  • Flood gate control

Smart Lighting

  • Activate/Deactivate all connected light devices
  • Check status of light devices
  • Define light groups per area
  • Scheduled maintenance


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