What is HealthE?

HealthE (pronounced as healthy or health-E) is a complete healthcare platform that aims to aid the government units, private entities and/or healthcare providers efforts on providing high quality medical services with contact tracing features.

Benefits of HealthE

Healthcare Services

Government institutions and/or businesses can provide efficient healthcare services to everyone.

Medical Facilities

Provide easy access to listed and available medical facilities within the range or location of the users.

Online Consultation

Institutions can provide a platform for easily accessible and secure online doctor's consultations.

HealthE Features

General Information

Provide an efficient mode of information dissemination

Virus Map

Real-time updates of the current situation of health cases

Medical Facilities

Access depending on the nearest available facility

Self-check Facility

Assess yourself based on the experienced symptoms

Online Consultation

Consult with the available medical practitioners

Digital Prescriptions

Get digital prescriptions after a consultation

Contact Tracing

Reliable tracing using the latest tracing technologies

Exposure Notification

Ensure a reliable delivery of exposure notifications

HealthE Mobile App

The HealthE Mobile App allows users to have updates from their own devices such as general information, news and announcements.

Users can also request health related services from the mobile application such as consultation, prescriptions, ambulance service, laboratories and immunization

  • General Information
  • Virus Map
  • Self-Check Facility
  • Medical Facilities
  • Contact Tracing

HealthE Admin

The HealthE Admin provides a full view of the system including monitoring of status, facilities and personnel as well as a complete view of the system.

  • Manual and App-based contact tracing
  • Upload the latest information resources

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