The Service Delivery Platform

Gridloc is a proprietary software developed by Entropy Solution that can help owners to Manage, Maximize, and Monetize their network.

It is a full-featured broadband management platform that consists of AAA, Policy Control, Voucher Management, Billing and Captive Portal modules.

Redefined User Experience

As an end-to-end service delivery platform, Gridloc offers business owners a tool that can generate the profit from their internet service connection while providing customers a customized user experience.


Manage your network by setting the user login methods and page to gain access to the network. Operators can manage user sessions, access type and the captive portal.


Maximize your network by enforcing a fair-use policy based on either time, volume or time-of-day. This can optimize the available bandwidth and other business resources.


Businesses can monetize their network by offering flexible packages, push advertisements, offer promotions and create vouchers for purchase.


Traditional network systems require hardware for particular functions and incur costs in their upkeep and maintenance. Gridloc eliminates this need through Network Function Virtualization. The platform creates these functions virtually as the need arises and retires them when no longer needed.

  • Works with any industry standard NFV Infrastructure
  • Identify requirements and design an ideal relationship structure to fit your needs
  • Ensure reliability of the management and control functions

Gridloc Applications

Here are some of the market segments and applications where Gridloc can be used:


  • Provide intelligent connectivity solutions to enterprise businesses.

  • Allow customer internet access to encourage them to purchase or stay loyal to your brand.
  • Airports

  • Provide a remarkable traveler experience by providing connectivity and a tailored user experience.

  • Ensure connectivity to the internet and provide convinience to travellers.
  • Government

  • Offer free public WiFi services to empower and inform the community and boost local economy.

  • Ensure connectivity to the internet and provide convinience to travellers.
  • Hospitality

  • Create customer satisfaction and loyalty from service delivery and guaranteed network connectivity.

  • Ensure connectivity to the internet and provide convinience to customers.
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    Make the most out of your resources and open new channels of opportunities for your business. Learn more about the product by downloading the product specifications.


    The platform comes with several modules that define the services that the Gridloc platform can provide.

    User Authentication

    Assign, define and manage user authentication methods, user authorization types and accounting intervals in the Gridloc AAA module.

    Policy Control

    Optimize allocated internet bandwidth by offering packages and policies based on time, volume and/or time of day of access.

    Captive Portal

    A powerful interface that enables the network owner to create a custom captive portal that will fit the user and business requirements.


    Supports billing and charging functions for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Configure billing rules including add-ons, prorations and discounts.

    Feel the Future

    Most network equipment vendors are compatible with Gridloc.
    See if your equipment is compatible with Gridloc by checking the link below.