Emergency Communication Systems

Manage Your Network

Receive hotline calls and send emergency messages to people

Easy to Setup

Lightweight and portable. Can be activated in a few minutes.

Flexible Power Input

Can be connected to a generator or car batteries during emergencies.

Emergency Base Station

In emergency situations, communication lines are crucial. When disasters like typhoons or earthquakes compromise important infrastructures such as electrical grids or cellular sites, it will take a miracle in order to coordinate.

eReach is a portable, plug-and-play emergency base station that can be activated in less than 30 minutes and can run on battery power. Once online, the system will detect all active SIMs within its coverage and activates the service in order to get communication and coordination up and running.

eReach Variants

eReach DUO

eReach Duo is a fully functional GSM and LTE network solution, designed to provide an efficient and innovative way to communicate under harsh weather conditions.

Rapid Deployment

eReach DUO is designed to be portable with the capability to be rapidly deployed in emergency and calamity situations

Communication for All

Its GSM and LTE technologies easily allow any mobile phone to connect to the emergency network

eReach GSM

Enable a whole new way of connecting and coordinating in emergency situations especially in areas where mobile phone coverage is non-existent.

Emergency Hotline

Local government units and operators can launch a hotline service to immediately provide rescue services

Connect to External Networks

Capability to connect to external VoIP networks for remote and centralized communication via VSAT

eReach LTE

eReachNet LTE can provide a secure and reliable wireless data connectivity to users during disasters.

Secure Data Communications

Users will be able to use data connectivity while in calamities

VSAT Connectivity

The deployment works with most satellite providers as backhaul for remote areas.

Features and Capabilities

Rapid Deployment

Fast deployment in emergency and calamity stricken areas

Call Local Hotline

Launch a local hotline service for quick coordination

Operates on Battery Power

Power up with onhand battery and other power supply options

Broadcast Announcements

Send broadcast news and safety messages via SMS

Post to Social Media

Integrate to Social Media networks and post status via SMS

Calls to Commercial Networks

Connect to external VoIP networks for remote coordination

Discover more features

eReach is packed with capabilities that ensures that all emergency needs are covered.

GSM and LTE Network Support

eReach comes with a wide range of frequency band and can be defined by the customer upon order.

User-Friendly Features

eReach comes with a user-friendly interface to ensure that even non-technical personnel can operate the equipment.

eReach HQ

eReach HQ gathers data from all connected eReach nodes upon use to provide mission-critical analytics and support rescue and relief operations within the area.

  • eReach Node Management
  • SMS Log and Call Playback
  • Send Broadcast News and Messages
  • Photo and Video Upload in Gallery
  • Regulation and License Management
eReach ICC

eReach ICC is a portable Incident Command Center that can house multiple applications that can aid the on-ground operations within a specific area or locality.

Portable Command Center

Setup your Command Center and establish emergency protocols within minutes

Emergency Applications

Applications can include network management, emergency applications, environmental monitoring and/or unit dispatch software.

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