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Entropy Solution aims to provide innovative products and solutions for multiple enterprise segments.

Enterprise WiFi

Provide reliable office connectivity and WiFi access on the go

Retail Solutions

Offer location-based services and mobile applications for retail

Fleet Management

Provide the capabilities of a telco network provider in one box

Enterprise WiFi

Enterprise-level connections use slightly different protocols and management methods than consumer networks, and the equipment is able to support larger loads without suffering from dropped signals or tapering off into dead zones.

Access is controlled by an administrator to ensure only authorized users can connect. In some ways, it resembles a scaled-up version of home Wi-Fi designed to handle the higher demands of businesses and public institutions.

Retail Solutions

Intelle is an Intelligent Location Engine that provides real time location detection both indoor and outdoor using BLE, WiFi and GPS location information that can be used by retailers to optimise product marketing.

It comes with Intelle Mobile Application for user interaction and Intelle Manager and Analytics for administration management and reports.

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Fleet Management

Unit Management

Define unit types and track deployment history of units

GPS Location

Track actual location of units and view routes

Admin Management

Administrators can easily locate units and check reports

Driver Management

Display actual driver location, route and driving habits

Alert and Notification

Subscribe to notifications on specific activities

Mobile Application

Access account and reports anytime, anywhere.


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