Products and Systems Built Specifically for Emergencies

Emergency Solutions


Immediately provide communication services to emergency, calamity and disaster scenarios


Provide streamlined communication between agencies to improve the turnover process


Provide fast and seamless response solutions to ensure the citizens of the best service

Committed to Serve

We are committed to making technology and emergency solutions that are both affordable and easy to use. We provide access to quality products and services, improved communications, interoperability with neighboring departments, as well as help with day to day emergency operations.

Our goal is to ensure that every unit have access to the same solutions that are currently only available to large groups, while also providing more efficient, cost-effective solutions for government units and private companies.

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Emergency Services

Communication Services

Provide communication means during emergency situations

GSM Network

Give access communication to citizens in need of help

Rescue Service

Provide easy access to emergency and rescue services

Solution Consultation

We provide solution consultations for agencies that need help

Minimal Investment

Service capabilities optimized at a minimal cost

Remote Management

Manage the network via cloud-based NMS for easy servicing

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Emergency Base Station

In emergency situations, communication lines are crucial. When disasters like typhoons or earthquakes compromise important infrastructures such as electrical grids or cellular sites, it will take a miracle in order to coordinate.

eReach is a portable, plug-and-play emergency base station that can be activated in less than 30 minutes and can run on battery power. Once online, the system will detect all active SIMs within its coverage and activates the service in order to get communication and coordination up and running.

Network in a Rack

The network-in-a-rack is essential during emergencies as it can be easily deployed to the remote areas in need and mounted on to vehicles.

The following equipment are included in the rack in order for units to have a fast and smooth operation:

  • Emergency Command Center
  • UHF/VHF Radio System
  • Emergency Cellular Network
  • Private LTE Network
  • VSAT Backhaul

Swift Dispatch

The Full featured Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) allowing call takers to manage resources such as units and personnel with complete view of the system

  • Manual and App-based incident recording
  • Manage responders, rescue units and inventory resources