Swift Dispatch

Advanced Dispatch

and Response System

Swift Dispatch Centre

Swift Dispatch is a complete, standalone and easy-to-use dispatch system that gives call takers and responders the power and tools necessary to make intelligent and automated decisions.

Incident Management

Swift Call Taking can be customized to meet the current and future call handling field questions & requirements.

Advanced Dispatch

Call takers can easily assign calls to responders to respond based on the unit proximity and availability

Streamlined Operations

The Dispatch System can help streamline operations within all the connected agencies and responders

Faster Response Time

Responders are automatically alerted with incident location and details to lessen turnaround time

Swift Call Taking

The Full featured Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) allowing call takers to manage resources such as units and personnel with complete view of the system

  • Manual and App-based incident recording
  • Manage responders, rescue units and inventory resources

Mobile Applications

Swift Dispatch System comes with mobile applications for citizens and responders that eliminate the need for manual call taking procedures

Swift Citizen Alert

  • Citizen Registration
  • Request for emergency unit
  • Location auto detection via GPS
  • Live updates of responder location
  • View call request history
  • Setup emergency contact persons

Swift Responder

  • Receive assigned call
  • View call details
  • Update responder details
  • Use third-party navigation apps
  • View call history
  • Submit ICS Form

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Swift Citizen Alert

The Citizen Alert App allows users to request for specific units and provide vital information and photos depending on the emergency type.

Users can also communicate directly with the dispatch center with vital information. Users can also view the status and location of assigned rescue units.

Swift Responder

The Responder App allows responders to have updates from their own devices such as live vehicle location, new call details, call notes, onsite photos, personnel status and units status.

Responders can also get in touch with the Dispatch Centre via IP telephony and/or video conferencing. Responders can also submit ICS Forms for easy filing.

  • Call Response
  • SMS Log and Call Playback
  • ICS Forms


with the Most Advanced and Complete

Computer-Aided Dispatch System